of Keyvan Kash

For Keyvan Kash, every day is a new chance to tell an unforgettable story. Based in Salt Lake City, UT, Keyvan has established himself as an emerging fine artist with a peerless talent for creating complex imagery that evokes, inspires, and leaves a lasting impression. His work has garnered attention from some of the most popular artists in the fine art space, including Patrick Guyton, Kevin A. Williams (WAK), and Dorian Clevenger, and he continues to be recognized as a rising star in the industry.


Each piece Keyvan produces inevitably fabricates a unique impression of the art’s story, whether the message is love, desperation, hope, or perseverance, Keyvan’s fierce focus on the human subject immediately captures the eyes of the viewer and refuses to let go until they feel something new.


Keyvan’s obsession for the creative process has taken him across the globe. His experiences in Paris, Amsterdam, San Francisco, and Salt Lake City had a profound impact on his education and his work, and he values the perspectives of other cultures and languages as major inspirations. He continually pushes himself each day to improve as an artist, and build upon his philosophy of expressing love through the stroke of a brush.


Keyvan is also a strong proponent of supporting emerging artists. By hosting exhibitions and galleries, he enjoys meeting with, and collaborating with others who share his enthusiasm, vision, and drive to create powerful iconography.


"Art is not what you see, but what you make others see.”

Edgar Degas